Here are some questions you might have regarding the elections in the City of Warren. We will try to answer them beforehand but feel free to call with any questions. If you are new to our town or have moved to a different ward in town, please remember to register at the Marshall County Courthouse.

Democracy only works when We The People actively take part in electing our leaders. Make sure your voice is heard.

 How do I register to vote?

You can register at the Marshall County Auditor/Treasurer office ahead of time along with documentation of residence, but you can register the day of the election because Minnesota permits election day registration. Please register to vote, it's a privilege not a right. 

 How do I vote absentee?

A voter can fill out an absentee ballot online at mnvotes.org, or in person at the Marshall County Auditor/Treasurer's office located in the Marshall County Courthouse. If you have any questions you can reach out via phone to their office at 218-745-4851.

 Where do I vote?

At Warren City Hall Council Chambers located at 120 East Bridge Ave., Warren, MN for the City of Warren.  If new to the surrounding area, give the Marshall County Auditor Office a call to ensure your correct polling location at 745-4851.

 Can I be election judge?

Yes, you can if you are a citizen of the United States, a resident of the State of Minnesota, able to read, write and speak English, appointed by the appointing authority (county, city township, or school board) and trained and currently certified, to be able to be an election judge.

All election judges must complete training and be certified before serving in an election.  Election judges have a key role in administering the elections process. If interested, please contact the Warren City Office at 218-745-5343.

 What do I need to do if I would like to run for a office?

Candidates must file at the office of the Warren City Clerk, 120 E. Bridge Avenue, Warren, MN, 56762.  Candidates must complete an affidavit of candidacy, petition and pay $2.00 filing fee at the time of filing.  Candidates who will be absent from the state during the filing period may arrange to file in person with the Clerk within seven days prior to departure by giving written affidavit of reasons for absence and completing all other filing requirements. 

Filing will be accepted during the filing period for the following offices to be elected.  Call City Hall for the filing period time frame for the election year and what positions are up for election. 

Mayor-4 year term

Councilmember - 4 year term (3 elected each cycle)


 What is the difference between a Primary and a General Election?

The United States holds two very different kinds of elections: primary and general.  Both are important in determining the will of the people.  This process finds out who the people want to run for each party, and then which party's candidate they choose over the other party's candidate.  The primary election is the party nomination part of the election and the general election is the vote for the office-holder.

 Who should I contact with further questions?

You can call The City of Warren Office at 1-218-745-5343, email any questions to info@warrenminnesota.com , or you may call Marshall County Election Administrator at 218-745-4851.

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