Holiday Swimming Pool

Welcome to the Warren Holiday Park Swimming Pool!

The Warren Swimming pool was built in 1965. Over the years there have been countless managers, lifeguards, lessons and patrons. Its our hope that you will come and enjoy our facility. Thank you for joining us. There is a new shower house and many new sitting features and just a lot of fun!!

Pool Phone: 218-745-4777

General Rules

Sixty (60) degrees is the designated temp to close the pool.  Obviously, if the morning is cool but temps are predicted to be high in the afternoon, the pool will be open.  Call the pool number if you have questions.

If staff is available, the phone will be answered, otherwise you may expect a recorded message.

Although disinfecting and cleaning are done regularly, you are highly encouraged to wear flip-flops to the pool.  A small pebble or trash item may be hurtful to bare feet.  Please continue to wear them in dressing and shower area as well.  Place them near your towel poolside.

You are expected to shower before entering the pool.  This will be closely monitored.

All swimmers are

expected to sign in upon entrance.  All are expected to pay the designated entrance fee, or show proof of season membership.  This will be watched closely.

There are candy items for sale and they may be eaten in designated areas only.  As always, you are expectedto pick up your own trash and dispose of it in bins provided.

Glass container are NOT allowed anywhere in the pool.  Broken glass is a sfety issue both outside the pool entrance as well as on the pool deck.

No horseplay will be tolerated.

Bicycles belong in the bike rack.

If you are sick or hanve any open sores, you are expected to NOT enter the pool facility.  Do not risk hurting others by spreading any kind of virus or illness to others.

If you have a general health issue that my put you at risk when you swim, please alert the lifeguard(s) on duty.  For example, Diabetes does not proevent you from swimming or taking lessons, but if a seizure occurs, our staff will be able to act promptly in helping you.  You will be expected to report this sort of scenario when you sign up for swimming lessons.

As always, you must take responsibility for yourself and for following our rules.  These rules are set forth for everyone's safety and for general good health and good fun for all.  If yu choose to engage in horseplay, or refuse to cooperate in any directives that our staff offers to you or your friends or rleatives, appropriate action will be taken.  This may include but not be limited to, being escorted out of the pool for the day, week, or even the season.  There will be no refunds for entrance fees or swimming lessons when rules are disobeyed.

Please Note

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, please contact the pool manager. If you need further assistance, please call the City Administrator at 218-745-5343.

We are all focused on your satisfaction. Your questions and concerns are welcomed and will be addressed promptly and courteously.  

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