Planning & Zoning

The City of Warren Planning and Zoning Commission was formed by ordinance establishing a Commission to plan for the physical development of the City and to recommend a zoning plan.

Mission Statement

To provide information and recommendations and to implement strategies that promote a healthy, safe, sustainable and vibrant community.

Zoning Process

Zoning regulations establish the way in which a property may be used, how large buildings can be constructed, where they may be situated on lots, as well as parking, landscaping and signage requirements. The City is divided into use zones so that regulations can be tailored to a particular type of us or location. Specialized types of districts are used to further accommodate specific uses on specific sites.

Whenever an individual who owns or has interest in a property wishes to change the zoning district that is applied to a property, or change the rules that apply to a zoning district, a rezoning or ordinance amendment action is required. A zoning district change may also require a Land Use Plan amendment.

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